Vidya 10th December 2019 Written Update: Bablu and Mohan tries to break Vidya alliance with Sandeep

Vidya 10th December 2019 Written Update: Bablu and Mohan tries to break Vidya alliance with Sandeep

Episode starts with Vivek says I love you forever Vidya and noone can can stop me including you. Vivek says Everyone have different views and you’re not loving me and wants to break our friendship than do it but don’t ruin your life marrying unknown person. Vivek asks her to use her second opportunity thinking twice. Vidya says her parents wishes are good for her. Vivek says is she really happy. Vidya says I lost my husband and they lost their son and if this marriage will give them happiness than I will do it and your friendship ruined our image.

Vivek mocks Vidya for ruining her life to get back her family reputation and Asks whether her family feels happy seeing her sad after marriage. Vidya asks why are you talking with me in this way.

Mohan asks how will they stop Vidya marriage. Bablu says it will stop if we kill my father before her Shaadi. Mohan asks him to don’t say these things loudly. Bablu reveals Vidya salary and Mohan beats him for lying about her salary. Jaget stop them.

Vivek says can’t two friends can’t unite in Marriage, is it that wrong to love you, can’t you see my love in my eyes. Vivek asks her to answer why can’t she marry him. Vivek asks to say something otherwise I will consider you agree with me. Vidya says I always considered you like my true friend but you betrayed my trust. I can never have choice to choose my life at my mother’s place or now at sasural. It’s our ritual to follow their wishes.

Nanku donates clothes to villagers. Jaget brings Bablu and Mohan to Nanku. Anjana says these people can’t do do anything. Nanku says they will get 15k every month for an year if they stops Vidya marriage. They agrees to stop the marriage.

Vidya says hope you will get your answers. Vivek says I didn’t get answers but I understand your way of thinking. Vidya says this is my reality and asks him to accept it. Vivek says today I got to know you hate me and I promised to Dharma so you have to see my face until your marriage and I will get you married in front of my eyes so it will help to forget you. He congratulates her for her shaadi.

Dharma asks Pandit to fix the muhurt for Vidya marriage. Bablu and Mohan apologies to Dharma for their previous behaviour and introduces themselves to Sandeep. Bablu says Vidya is ill fated and and people around her will suffer. Vivek asks what type of drama they are creating. Mohan says I don’t want to hide anything from the groom who want to give new life to Vidya. Mohan asks she is widow apart from it what’s wrong. Bablu reveals village people accusations about their is something between Vidya and Vivek. Everyone gets shocked.

Precap – Vivek asks can you think you stay happy after this  marriage. Vidya says I never thought about second marriage or my happiness. Vivek asks than why you’re marrying him. Vidya says for my family.

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