Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2020 Written Update: Riya sends Prachi to jail to take revenge from there

Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2020 Written Update: Riya sends Prachi to jail to take revenge from there

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The episode starts with Daljeet askingVikram and Pallavi if they liked Ranbir’s song since he sang really well. Abhi comes to compliment him and says that he is going to be the next face of their company, their company will launch him. They talk about Ranbir and his music career. Abhi wants to make him the future of their company but Pallavi doesn’t want him to waste time on music since he isn’t a born rock star like Abhi.

Later everybody gathers around the cake. Riya is called to cut the cake. Aaliya asks Riya to make a wish and she hopes for this birthday to become the worst day of Prachi.

Prachicloses her eyes and wishes for all her dreams to come true and to be able to make Pragya proud. Shahana reminds her that Riya’s birthday is being celebrated not hers. Prachi suggestsShahana to close her eyes as well, she will feel as if it’s her birthday celebrations. Shahana wonders where Prachi gets all this positivity from.Prachi replies that she gets it from the same place from which everyone gets negativity.

Meanwhile Riya feeds cake to everyone. She is about to feed Mitaliwho finally notices that Riya’s diamond necklace is missing. Riya cries that she didn’t take it off and lost it by mistake. Abhi tells her to calm down since he will bring another one for her but she refuses saying she wants that one only so everyone head to look for the necklace.

Abhiasks Prachi to look for the necklace in Riya’s room. Riya places her foot in front of Prachi’s one making her slip; her foot twists but she still goes to help Abhi. Mira takes Riya to look for necklace. Aaliya thinks her niece is exactly like her and her acting is fabulous. She thinks that Riya won’t have to face the lesson she will give to Prachi today.

In the room, Mira asks Riya if she knows Prachi. Riya says that waitress is her college mate. Mira doesn’t say anything, and confirms with Riyaif she placed it somewhere. She assures her that they will find it.

There, Mitali and Mishti are looking for the necklace together.Mitali says the necklace got someone’s evil eye. Mitali finds her lost Jhumkawhile finding the necklace and gets happy. They start searching for necklace again.

Abhi and Prachi come to Riya’s room. Abhi gets a call and asks Prachi to continue looking around. He leaves. Riya comes to her room and bumps into Prachi. Riya shouts asking Prachi what she is doing there and adds that she must use glasses to look well.Prachi replies that she had her back and therefore it’s the mistake of both so she needs glasses too and she will become “BadiChasmish” while Riya would become “chotichashmish”. Riya says she mistakenly called her as an elder sister but it seems that she wants to be one; she blames Prachi saying that she wants money. Prachigives it back to her saying that she doesn’t need an elder sister but taming and even if she (Prachi) is paid for it she won’t do it. Riya says that money is everything for her. Prachi corrects money isn’t everything; everyone has different meaning for money: for Riya it means happiness but for Prachi it’s a source to fulfill her needs, but Riya doesn’t need to know what ‘needs’ means. She leaves. Riya thinks she will now humiliate Prachi in front of everyone so much that she won’t forgive the day for her whole life.

Pragya lies down to sleep. Bee ji asks why so early. Pragya says she has an extra class with kids. The weather was stormy outside. All of a sudden, a photo frame of Prachi falls off. Pragya hurries to pick up the frame and makes her hand bleed. She gets worried thinking that Prachi must be in some trouble. Bee ji says Prachi must be fine and forces Pragya to sleep.

On the other hand Mishiasks the Ranbir and Ansh about the necklace since the boys were indulged in their own gossip and uninterested in looking for the necklace.

After a while everyone gathers in the hall and concludes that the necklace couldn’t be found anywhere. RiyaquestionsPrachi if she knows the value of that necklace. Abhi asks why she is embarrassing her. Riya blames Prachi saying that she was behind her when she danced with Ranbir and she hit her once in the party today. She is sure that Prachi stole her necklace. Shahana says Prachi is working as a waitress, but she is from a very good family and brought up by a good mother, they have worked in Hoshiarpur weddings where people wear huge necklaces andthey have never committed any such act, they have come here only to work. She adds that there is no one as honest as Prachi. Riya blames Prachi for stealing the necklace to take revenge from her. She cries and blames that their first meeting wasn’t on a good note.

Aaliya says it seems to be a planning, she has already called police. Shahana and Prachi get extremely tensed. Purab objects and says that this girl can’t be really a thief so she shouldn’t have called the police amidst all the guests. Aaliya says alright, they can check the girl.

Poorab doesn’t agree with Aaliyabut Riya asks where the necklace is then. Prachi says they shall do the checking. Aaliya and Riya smirk. Prachi says that they aren’t thieves and she is suffocating there. Abhiasks Aaliya not to move and says that he knows the girl who is not a thief. Riya requests Abhi to let them do this since this will remove this burden off her head.

Aaliya moves forward to checkPrachi. Prachi tells them to check her pockets as well but stops before taking her hands out of one of the pockets. Aaliya gets suspicious. The necklace is in Prachi’s pocket. Abhi says she can’t steal. Aaliya asks Purab if this is why he was protecting her. The girls gossip that she came over for revenge. Riya claims that her doubts were real and blames Prachi for stealing the necklace. Abhi is still in disbelief.

Police arrives at the party and asks about the theft. Aaliya tells the police that Prachi is the thief, she stole the diamond necklace of her niece and everyone in the party is an eyewitness. Riyacries and complains to Abhi that he is on Prachi’s side. Mira says that she understands he doesn’t want any girl in jail but still they have found the necklace in her pocket. Abhi says they only found the necklace in her pocket but no one saw her steal the necklace. Dasi also intervenes but in vain. Police takes Prachi away.

Shahanablames Riya for putting the necklace into Prachi’s pocket herself for revenge. She drops her mobile by mistake and leaves to go behind Prachi and police. However, the inspector warns Shahana to stay out and come to police stationor else she will be arrested along with Prachi. The latter warns Shahana not to tell their mother. Shahanais left alone and cries.

Ranbir and Anshare busy playing video game. Mishti comes to them and warns them to show some concern and take them inside where Abhi thinks about Prachi and says he has met Prachi more than once already and she is exactly like Riya. Aliya says that Abhi is being partial. Mira adds that people take advantage of Abhi. Riya cries that Prachi spoilt her birthday. Abhi hugs Riya and asks her to relax.

Shahana wonders what to do since she can’t even call Pragya. She decides to go to ask Abhifor some help. She runs inside and asks Riya how much acting she wants to do. She tells Abhi that Prachi isn’t a thief and they are middle class people but not thieves. She says that they have no one in the city. Riya tries to stop Abhi butAbhi tells Riya to understand that police has taken Prachi. Shahana says that she made a mistake to come to request for help from Abhi and leaves. She steps over her broken phone and leaves her there. Abhi leaves the hall worried.

In the police station, Prachi is locked into jail cell. She cries and thinks about her mother. In a flashback it’s shown how Pragya had been much concerned for her diet and had warned her that people at Delhi aren’t much friendly. Prachi had hugged Pragya. Pragya requested her not to go there; she was worried as the people in that city blames and puts others in problem.

Shahana is seen crying helplessly and thinks she must free Prachi from the jail. She thinks Chachiji won’t help, she won’t let Chachaji help them either. She sits on the road and cries.

Riya comes to Aaliya and hugs her from behind. She is happywith the revenge she took from Prachi. Aaliya hushes her and warns what if they are heard. Both get shocked as Mira walks inside the room. Aaliya tries making excuse saying thatRiya is excited about her fashion show. Mira slaps Riyahard.

On the other hand Shahana decides to call Pragyawho is the only one that can help them. She calls Pragya from PCO.

Pragya is still awake and gets worried receiving the late night call from Shahana. The latter cries and tells Pragya that Prachi has been arrested by police. Pragya drops the phone in shock. She tells Shahana not to worry, she will be there.Shahana asks her to come soon. Pragya is very worried.

Episode ends

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