5 Reasons that makes Sumedh Mudgalkar ‘iconic’ as Krishn from Radha Krishn

5 Reasons that makes Sumedh Mudgalkar ‘iconic’ as Krishn from Radha Krishn

Sumedh Mudgalkar who is seen playing Krishn in the StarBharat popular show RadhaKrishn has won hearts of millions of people. He has potrayed Krishn so beautifully that the image of Krishn is just the reflection of his act as Krishn. 5 reasons what makes  Sumedh Mudgalkar ‘iconic’as Krishn .

1. Sumedh’s small nuances which are synonymous to  Krishn.

The small acts played by him while enacting the role of Lord Krishn is appreciated by the auidence. He adds his own small tones of laughs and expressions which makes it more mischeivous and accurate as Lord Krishn is described. His hand movements,his fun loving careless attitude which is one trait of Krishn is so visible from his acts and is loved by auidence.

2. The evergreen smile on Sumedh’s face.

In every scene portrayed by him, there is a smile on his face whether in anger , happiness, sadness , there is a smile which depicts each emotion and reached the heart of audience.  The variation that he brings in his smile as per the situation is commendable and also gives out a powerful message that a person can face any challenge if dealt with a smile.

5 Reasons that makes Sumedh Mudgalkar ‘iconic’ as Krishn from Radha Krishn

3. Sumedh’s dancing skills.

Sumedh is a skilled dancer and adds charm while performing the dance sequences. Krishn raas with the Gopi’s are one essential part of his life. His dance adds more charisma to the scene and keeps it upfront. He charmingly performs the dance and it looks real to the auidence. It makes audience feel the divine dancing in front of them .

4. Sumedh’s calm and poised body language.

Krishn is always has  one divine personna which is to be always at peace. Krishn always had a calm and soothing face and very rarely lost their anger.This art is extraordinarily excelled by Sumedh. His calmed and patient body language makes him  just the reflection of Krishn.

5.  A Relatable Krishn.

Sumedh’s portyal of Krishn makes a viewer feel a connect with the character. Krishn is actually the divine authority but when Sumedh plays the role of Krishn, along with the God’s depiction he plays it very normal as a Kid which many of people can relate to. He enacts a notorious kid, a lover boy, a loved child by parents, a strong friend, a loving brother and favourite of people. He creates this bond between him, viewer and the character itself.

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