Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th February 2020 Written Update: Aman decides to fight back against the Kala Jinn

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th February 2020 Written Update: Aman decides to fight back against the Kala Jinn

Episode begins with Alia and Roshni are fighting with each other when Roshni says to Alia today only you and me are here so let us see who is more powerful among us?

Both of them start to showcase their powers on each other while Aman and his soul is back from the clouds. Roshni didn’t notice Aman but Alia did notice him in between attacks and counter attacks and understands what is the main motive of Roshni? She didn’t attack her back and Roshni did attack on Alia and drinks the poison of Zeher so that she got died for only 2 hours and in between Roshni will get blamed for her murder and in this process the love and trust of Roshni and the relationship between Roshni and Aman will die down.

She closed her eyes and pretended to die and Aman and Roshni both of them appeared there together and came to have a check on Alia and Aman declares her dead and blames Roshni for killing an innocent soul like Alia for no reason. Roshni says you have to believe me that I am not doing anything wrong and Alia is indeed the wrong person here and I am just trying to protect our family from any negative energies.

Aman says as now Alia is dead I have to call the cops, Roshni says when you can not fulfill your promise to be with me and believe in me then why did you make a promise to me in the first place? You can call the police and have an enquiry too and I simply don’t care. Parveen gets a call from Rubina about the arrival of Kala Jinn and she says that he got to know about the truth and now he will come to avenge the fraud against us and the family. Rubina says make sure Aman is in the house whereas Parveen is feeling sick due to doing magic on Aman and she doesn’t have the courage to walk properly.

She somehow informed Aman about the shadow of Black Jinn and says he is coming to take you along with him when Aman says to her I am not a kid that anyone will take me along with him like that. I am also the king of Jinnath and it is not easy to do that with me anymore and I will bring back our family safe and sound and that’s a promise of me to you.

He handovers the responsibility of Parveen to Roshni and says you will not go anywhere leaving my mother alone. You always compalined that I failed to trust you so today I am trusting you with the most important person of my life, my mother.

Jinn attacks on the family member and Aman goes to Kala jungle to save his family along with Bazzigar and the clips of Roshni. Roshni sits besides Parveen when she gets a call from Farah about the attacks on her mother and she wonders what to do now? As she is caught between reponsibility and promise.

Parveen understands her inner turmoil and she asks her to go and help her mother as she is doing fine now. Roshni is still unsure while Alia gets uo from her sleep and says Roshni you can go because by the time you will be back I will finish off everything here forever.

Precap – Aman comes home with family and gets shocked to see Parveen is lying floor dead and Roshni is missing from the house.

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