Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 16th August 2019 written update:- Mishti leaves Maheswari house before Kuhu’s marriage

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 16th August 2019 written update:- Mishti leaves Maheswari house before Kuhu’s marriage

The episode starts with Abir starts the process of celebration of Kunal’s marriage in the house. He asks all play the drums and dance as today Kunal will get married. Nidhi, Yashpal, Ketki, Atul and Abir all start to dance when Kunal and Meenakshi also come there.

Abir himself lifts a drum and starts to play it and thinks yesterday Mishti wore a mask of being something which she is not and today he is wearing a mask of being happy which he is not. He decides in mind he will not let his inner turmoil comes out in public and let the family witness it.

Mishti packs her bag and all set to go when she sees the room for the last time and feels sad. She thinks if any miracle took place and Abir like a magician does some magic and change the entire thing. She thinks only Ajeeb Rajvansh can set the situation right but how and why?

She is going from there with teary eyes. Here Kuhu is getting ready for her marriage and appears upset when Varsha comes and tell her she is not dreaming and today is her big day in reality. Varsha asks her if she is happy? Kuhu says yes she is very much happy and Varsha says Kunal loves you so much, he will keep you happy always.

Ananya comes to Kuhu and asks her to wear the bangles and prepare everything. Kuhu says earlier Mishti used to prepare bad combinations and I used to change them.

Ananya and Kuhu feel upset and Kuhu pretends that she doesn’t want anyone but misses Mishti while Ananya says you have Kunal to take care of you.

Here in the Rajvansh house, Kunal is feeling frustrated about why he is getting ready and why everyone in the house is enjoying and celebrating. Meantime he thought to call Kuhu but stops as he thinks he can’t do any mistake when Atul and Ketki come there and takes his phone from his hand. They are asking whom he is calling and is trying to tease him with Kuhu’s name.

Kunal who is damn irritated with everything gets angry on them while they think he is just getting irritated that’s it.

Atul meantime sends a text from his phone and Kunal loses his mind and slaps him in front of all members. Abir shouts at him for his behavior but he doesn’t answer and go away from there. Kunal gives some lame excuses but Rohit refuses to believe in them.

Kuhu receives a text message from Kunal and it was “I Love You”. Mishti listens to Kuhu and Ananya talks and thinks Meenakshi aunty can’t do anything as Kunal will not let her do anything, he loves Kuhu so much. Abir comes to talk to Kunal and today is your marriage and you seems to appear unhappy why?

Kunal manages that when it comes to commitment and promises I become nervous and can’t act spontaneously like you. Meenakshi comes there and asks Kunal to get ready and Abir says before that asks apology from Atul.

Mishti is leaving for the airport when she sees Vishwambhar is badly hurt and she cries for him. She calls Meenakshi and says you made a daughter to do insult of a father figure. My grandmom always says elders can never be wrong but you are wrong Meenakshi aunty. God is watching everything and he will set things right too.

Jugnu comes to give Abir his phone while Meenakshi is making Kunal escape from the house. Mishti calls Abir but remains silent whereas Abir gets it is none other than Mishti.

Mishti gives the phone back to the driver and asks him not to tell her name. Abir feels something somewhere is not correct.

Precap – Abir confronts Meenakshi after Parul tells him everything.

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