Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh feels affectionate towards Saransh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh feels affectionate towards Saransh

Episode begins with Rudraksh is taking Saransh to his house. Saransh asked Rudraksh what should I call you from now on? Should I call you my father or uncle? Rudraksh says to her am I looking like an uncle to you? Do call me the same way you used to call me all this while.

Saransh says to him that I am getting bored in the car so I should have listened to some music. He played some music in the music player of the car. Accidentally, Saransh also liked the same song which his elder brother Rajiv used to like.

Even the antics of Saransh is reminding Rudraksh of Rajiv and he is getting emotional. He himself is not able to understands what he should feel for this small kid who is exactly like his elder brother? He brings Saransh to his house and entire family members started to panic over it? Rudraksh says to his family that Saransh will stay here with me lifelong and if you people want to throw him out then I will also go out of the house.

He brings Saransh to his room and both of them had a cute conversation with each other when Saransh annoys the hell out of Rudraksh and he is not able to manage him. Rudraksh brings junk food for Saransh to eat and he gets excited to see them. Even Saransh got really excited to see his new room and the cupboard which is really big in size.

On the other side, Yuvraj comes to meet Preesha when Preesha informed him that she already handovered the custody of Saransh to Rudraksh because only he can take care of him properly. Yuvraj gets angry with the whole thing and he is feeling like a loser as he lost his job and also the chance to gather the money from the trust fund of Rajiv.

Rudraksha is getting emotional as every antics of Saransh is reminding him of Rajiv, he says his way of talking laughing and everything is similar to his brother Rajiv. He feels bad for his brother and thinks he needs to be here to experience and witness all this but due to Preesha he is not with him anymore.

Rudraksh says to himself that Saransh at times reminds him of Preesha but she will get her punishment in 2 days and after that he will try to not think about Preesha anymore and will not let any problem come between him and Saransh. He will not let any kind of difficulty to occurred in the life of Saransh.

Precap – Rudraksha is getting married while Preesha is getting hanged in the jail.

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