Shubharambh 12th February 2020 Written Update: Goons thrashes valentine decorations

Shubharambh 12th February 2020 Written Update: Goons thrashes valentine decorations

The episode starts with everyone eating food on dining table. Kirdida acts like asking Gunwant to take Raja too for work. Raja asks her to let it be as he’s at fault. Raja asks if he can atleast come to shop and he agrees. Rani sighs in relief and prays for Gunwant and Hitank to like the preparations. Everyone except Raja gets shocked seeing the decorations. Hitank praises Natu Kaka who reveals that it’s Raja.

Raja reveals its himself and Rani who made the decorations. Hitank praises him while Gunwant gets irked. Hitank asks him to not mind his words. He says that he now believes that he will definitely hold his responsibility. He hugs him and praises him while Gunwant watches irked. They praise him while Gunwant acts all saint and praises him for not letting his father down. They all celebrate except Gunwant.

Gunwant informs Kirdida about Raja spoiling their plans and completing his responsibility with Rani’s help. Their hatred for Rani increases. Kirdida vows to pull down Raja at any cost and asks him not to worry.
Gunwant informs Kirdida about Raja spoiling their plans with the help of Rani. Kirdida vows to come uo with another plan to pull down Raja. Kirdida sees Rani preparing tiffin box who’s worried about what’s happening.

Aasha is sitting worried when keesha shows her the pictures of decorations by Raja and Rani. Aasha gets happy and indirectly taunts Kirdida. Kirdida sees news about goons thrashing valentines celebrations and gets an idea. Rani comes to ship and gets happy seeing Raja happily working. Hitank praises Rani for her food work. Rani dreams of romancing with Raja.

Someone calls her and she comes out of her dreamland. A customer sees a board and asks why d9d they keep the board. Raja says about imprinting their handprint on the board if they purchase high and customer gets happy and happily imprints. Raja thanks them. Rani too imprints her handprint and Raja looks at her loving. Someone spits on the board and few goons appear in front of them.

They demand to remove all the decorations and close the shop as celebrating Valentines day is against their culture. Raja says every culture only teaches to love and how does it affect the welfare of the nation. Hitank tries explaining them but Raja wants to call the police. They gets more angry and enters to attack the shop. They sends away the customers and starts thrashing the shop. Tani tries stopping them and it turns out to be Utsav in mask.

They are about to beat her when Raja comes in middle and takes the beating. They all tries controlling them but in vain. Gunwant who’s aware of Kirdida’s planning signals one of the goon and they starts beating Raja again. But to their shock the mask falls off and Rani identifies him as Utsav’s friend Pankaj.

Precap : Rani questions who gave him money

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