Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update 11th November 2019: Shiv gets happy seeing Gunjan change

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update 11th November 2019: Shiv gets happy seeing Gunjan change

The episode starts with Gunjan talks with Roshan on Skype happily. He asks her about her wound. She says can’t show. Roshan asks her to not worry and says he will take her to Gupta hospital. Gautham asks Roshan to take Gunjan outside for change. Gunjan agrees happily when Roshan asks her for outing. Roshan gets silent and cuts the call saying he will come. Seema says Gunjan is moving on which makes Shiv happy.

Pari shouts on Yogi for lying to her mom while he is busy in his yoga. Yogi asks her what happened. Pari hits him with pillow and his eye got hurt. Pari take care of his eye and asks him why he lied to her mom. Yogi says your hand is hurt because of your mistake but your mom is blaming my mom. Pari praises him for understanding her mom words and says he have a criminal mentality while taking revenge. Yogi says his mom is the world best mom so he can’t bear if someone insults her in Infront of me. Pari says he can’t hear or talk but can do argument perfectly. She suggests becoming a lawyer. He says he is superior than lawyer and left the place saying he has work.

Yogi discuss with Bablu and Surjit about his incident with Pari mom. Bablu and Surjit says her mom won’t talk anything about them from nowonwards. Neha teases Pari. Pari gets her dad call and she explains him it’s Yogi prank. Pari asks them to solve their problem before entering her life.

Yogi have Ice cream with Bablu and Surjit. Yogi asks she won’t reveal to Prakash na. Surjit says she won’t. Surjit says Ullu ki part will be the Pari boyfriend. Bablu says don’t call his father Ullu.

Gunjan gets confused while choosing dress for her outing. Seema asks her to choose one dress. Shiv gives her card to buy new dress for her date with Roshan. Gunjan says she is taking him for date. Shiv gets happy seeing Gunjan in happy mood. Shiv says he want her to see happy always. Gunjan reminsces her moments with Yogi. Shiv chooses blue dres for her.

Dadi and Dadaji fights regarding Kavita. Family asks him to reveal his Kavita. Rani asks why Pari mom scolded her without their mistake. Kusum manages saying everything is fine. Prakash gets irritated Seeing gift card of Shiv. Family asks him to show the card and memories with Shiv. Prakash says he will forget everything once Yogi gets married before Gunjan. Family plans to search girl for Yogi. Kusum says Yogi is smiling to make them happy. Rani says she will take help from her friend to make matrimony profile for Yogi.

Precap –  Shiv asks Gunjan why she didn’t went to her outing. Gunjan signals family that Roshan is not coming, so she is cancelling her outing. Seema explains this to Shiv. Prakash suggest to write good biodata. Pari teases Yogi and when he tries to left the place she hold his hand. Prakash notice them.

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