Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein: Gunjan life is at risk because of Chauhan goons

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein: Gunjan life is at risk because of Chauhan goons

Sony TV cute love story Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein serial is seeing some major points these days in their story.

As reported earlier Mrs Ganguly asks Yogi did Pari agrees for marriage. Yogi says she is going back to Chennai. Pari mother gets angry and says you’re sending her because you doesn’t want her to marry, She walks out and gathering neighbors and alleges Srivastava’s ruined Pari life and they promised her to marry with Yogi but they did his marriage with Gunjan and Yogi is still eyeing Pari even after his marriage.

Neighbors ask if its true. Family say she is lying and asks Pari to take her mom inside. Dadaji breaksdown thinking his life’s earned dignity is at stake. She continues yelling and Pari shouts on her. Yogi angrily lifts mug to hit her, but family controls him. Pari says Yogi never misbehaves with elders and today he did because of you.

In the upcoming episodes viewers gonna witness that Pari mom yells at Gunjan how can you tolerate your husband when he eyeing his girlfriend. Pari shouts what do you want. She says I want your happiness and will expose Srivastava family. Pari shouts to stop her and says she ready for marriage and asks where is the guy. Family gets shocked.

Pradeep Chauhan warns Shiv saying Roshan left India, now its time for you to pay. Shiv warns to stay away from Gunjan and Gautham otherwise he have to face the consequences. Gunjan enjoys while having chat with Yogi when Pradeep’s goon attack Gunjan coming in bike and when tries to follow them others goons tries to hit her Gunjan with Car. Yogi runs to save her.

Can Yogi save Gunjan from Chauhan goons? Who will be the groom for Pari?

 All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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