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Alvira to accept all her mis-deeds In Humsafars

Humsafars: Sahir questions Bikram about what is he doing and now he's clear that he is involved with in all this planning. Bikram Singh tell Sahir that you need to get proof before you go any further. Meanwhile, Anam handovers the file to Aarzoo in which all the proofs and

Sahir’s Life In Threat In Sony TV’ Humsafars

Humsafars: As Sahir was telling about the importance of the deal to Aarzoo, Alvira and Zaki comes from behind and tells Sahir not to worry as Zaki has arranged 100 Cr. investor for the deal.. Sahir couldn't believe at 1st go but than he hugs Alvira and Zaki both as

Bikram & Sahir To Rescue Alvira In Humsafars

Humsafars: Kurtiaapa's words are revolving around Aarzoo's mind just then Bikran singh comes and hints Aarzoo that all this is happening because of Alvira, Aarzoo gets shocked and thinks how she will she say this to Sahir.Just when they were speaking, they hear Alvira's scream, both Bikram and Aarzoo rush