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Ssharad Malhotra wishes Divyanka on her engagement

Almost an year back their split made news and left the tongues wagging about the reason of their split. Back then both of them chose to divulge only selective information about their break-up saying “the parting is mutual and they have nothing to say about each other. ”However an year later

Divyanka Tripathi gets engaged to Vivek Dahiya!

TV actress Divyanka Tripathi got engaged to her co-star Vivek Dahiya on Friday evening with only their immediate families in attendance in Chandigarh. “It was just for our loved ones to know that we are booked for each other. I didn’t want Divyanka’s profile to go up on a matrimonial

Divyanka Tripathi shares her views on World AIDS Day

HIV and AIDS continues to impact millions of people, both domestically and globally, yet when it comes to prevention the message doesn’t seem to resonate in minority communities when you consider the numbers. Of the 47,989 people diagnosed in 2012, 47 percent are African American, while 18.5 percent were Hispanic

Divyanka Tripathi talk about her Diwali plan

India is known for a myriad of colorful festivals. However, very few are as joyous as Diwali or Deepavali (row of lighted lamps). Also called the Festival of Lights, the ancient holiday that extends across many cultures and beliefs is celebrated for five days and is one of the most