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Zain To Suffer Memory Loss In Beintehaa

In Beintehaa , As per the current track Everyone dresses up for the fancy dress completion and complement each other. Zarina gets a call from Rocket and she asks him where he is, and he replies that he is very near. Suddenly, Zarina gets a shock when she sees Bilaal and Shazia

Rehaan & Aaliya To Marry In Beintehaa

In Beintehaa, Zain comes back home and thanks Suraiya for having agreed for the nikaah. Seeing Suraiya surprised, Zain tells that Bilaal is ready to do a halala nikaah with Aaliya. Hearing this, Rehman chacha says that he will never allow for this marriage but Zain tells him that do not

Rehaan To Kidnap Bilaal In Beintehaa

In Beintehaa, As per the current track Zarina comes Zain and instigates him against his mother and is successful. Zain goes to meet Aaliya at her house and she tells him that in their stubbornness of love are forgetting Allah. Aaliya then tells Zain that she has decided to do the