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Spoiler Alert: Gangaa and Adhuri Kahani Hamari

Gangaa: While Sagar keeps provoking Gangaa to feel the pain of their seperation, Ganga decides to move on. Madhvi tries to make Sagar see some sense and fulfil his duties as Janvi's husband. Sagar creates a scene during the "Satyanarayan" Pooja. Everyone is aghast by his behaviour. Madhvi blames Gangaa

Spoiler Alert: Adhuri Kahani Hamari and Ganga

Adhuri Kahani Hamari: Karan Panics as he cannot find Preeti. Preeti is alone, bruised and injured in the valley, when suddenly a lady approaches her. The lady is a powerful witch, who has come to help Preeti. Meghna tries to help Preeti. Meghna informs Karan that only a bigger power