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Bheem To Kill Dushasan In Mahabharat

In Mahabharat, as per current track Krishna makes Dronacharya realise his mistakes. He persuades Dronacharya to sacrifice his life. Meanwhile, Dhrishtadyumna beheads Dronacharya. Dhritarashtra and Gandhari become worried on learning about Dronacharya's death. The Pandavas, Krishna and the Kauravas pay their homage to Dronacharya. Gandhari decides to save Duryodhan's life and

Karn To Kill Ghatotkach, Bheem To Kill An Elephant Named Ashwathama In Mahabharat

In Star Plus's Mahabharat, Abhimanyu requests Yudhishthir to allow him to penetrate the chakravyuha. Draupadi panics on seeing the holy thread that she had tied to Abhimanyu for his safety. Uttara becomes unconscious. Draupadi becomes delighted on learning that Uttara has conceived. She instructs a soldier to bring Abhimanyu, along with