Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 19th February 2020 Written Update: Rohit reveals Pari’s pregnancy to Sonakshi

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 19th February 2020 Written Update: Rohit reveals Pari’s pregnancy to Sonakshi

Today’s episode starts with intoxicated Sonakshi pours her heart out to Rohit and says to him that her husband doesn’t love her. She says he never understood that she equally loved her family and throws her out from the house. Rohit wipes Sonakshi’s tears and hugs her saying he loves her a lot even now. Sonakhsi and Rohit’s conversation gets recorded in Sonakshi’s mobile.

There, Rohan’s friend informs him that Pari is leaving the hotel. Rohan asks him to keep an eye at her. He thinks he will not let her ruin his happiness. Other side, Rohit asks Sumit to take Sonakshi home and says meanwhile, he will file complaint against the film producer.

Suman thanks Sumit for helping Sonakshi. Sumit asks Suman to take care of Sonakshi well as she is going through tough time. Later, Suman says to Sumit that she Sonakshi needs a strong emotional support which he can only give to her. She asks her to think about Sonakshi once. Sumit says to her that Sonakshi is just his friend and can do anything for her.

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Afterwards, Rohit confesses Pari. He says to her that he knows she is pregnant. Pari asks Rohit to stay away from her. The duo argues and Pari refuses to listen to Rohit and says she will bring her child in the world so that she can win back Rohan.

Meanwhile, Rohan and his friend kidnap Pari. Suman and Sonakshi decide to look for Pari. Rohan forces unconscious Pari and tries to give her abortion pills. Rohit beats Rohan for harming Pari. Later, Sonakshi spots Rohit with Pari and accuses him for Pari’s condition. Furious Rohit reveals to Sonakshi that Pari is 4 months pregnant.

There, Akash and Deepa get excited for their marriage. Ahead, Venna shows the priest the kundali of Rohit. Here, Rohit makes Pari vomit to make sure she didn’t have consumed any pills. Priest tells to Veena that Rohit’s future is in dark. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Tanya falls down from the stairs.

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