Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 17th February 2020 Written Update: Rohit learns about Pari

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 17th February 2020 Written Update: Rohit learns about Pari

Today’s episode starts with Rohit sees heart shape balloons and recalls his moments with Sonakshi. He calls a little girl and asks her to give balloon to Sonakshi. Little girl goes to Sonakshi and gives her the balloon. Sonakshi asks who gave her balloon, girl tells to her that one of her fan. Later, Rohit discovers that Pari si pregnant.

Sumit meets Sonakshi and sees the balloon. Sonakshi shares with Sumit and tells her that she took promise from Rohit once to give her one red balloon every Valentine. This time he wasn’t there but one of her fan sends her the balloon. She tells to Sumit that she hates Rohit.

Other side, Sumit meets Rohit and tells to him that Sonakshi hates him. Rohit laughs. SUmit asks Rohit to explain him something why he called her all sudden from London and why he wants Sonakshi to hate him. Rohit says to Sumit he will tell everything to him but for now Sonakshi needs a friend and asks him to be with Sonakshi always. Sumit assures Rohit.

Afterwards, Rohit goes to Tanya’s baby shower and informs to Rohan that Pari is pregnant with his child. Rohan gets shocked. He panics and when Rohit meets him Rohan says Pari is characterless and she is not pregnant with his child. Rohit and Rohan argue and Badi mumma interrupts. Rohan than think to avenge Pari.

In the morning Nishi excitedly do the arrangement for Deepa and Akash wedding. She slaps Tina for inviting Sonakshi too for the wedding and fired her. Rohit over hears and says to Tina to continue working as she is not mistaken. He asks Nishi is she was doing arrangements than she would have cross-checked the list. Here, Suman gets angry seeing the wedding card. Sonakshi tells to Suman that card might came by mistake. Suman gets teary seeing Sonakshi’s condition.

Later, Pari shouts for not finding ice-cream. Suman yells at Pari and says she will soon get her married. Pari gives a befitting reply to Suman. Episode ends with Sonakshi calling Deepa and Akash to congratulate them. Meanwhile, Nishi takes away Deepa’s mobile and hangs up the call. Sonakshi thinks Deepa don’t want to talk with her.

Precap: Sonakshi is trapped and Rohit learns about her.

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