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Spoiler Alert: Beyhadh, Shakti And Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Beyhadh:  Arjun gets to notice something fishy amid Maya and Samay and thinks to investigate about the same.

Now, it so happens that Arjun eyes Samay holding upon Maya’s hands and talking and this makes Arjun get furious.Arjun further more gets to know that Maya is using Samay as a puppet to destroy Saanjh’s life.
Maya actually is doing nothing but taking revenge from Saanjh through the medium of Samay.Arjun further gets to know that Samay and Maya were having intense romantic past and this makes Arjun very much tensed.

Shakti:  Harman and Soumya are all set to enjoy their life even in less money but more satisfaction and love.Harman is fine with any sort of poor living until and unless he gets Soumya’s love and affection.Harman and Soumya are somehow managing their two ends meet when Preeto starts interfering.
Preeto just cannot digest the fact that Harman and Soumya are living so peacefully away from home.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: It is a universal fact that Naira desperately wants to unite Keerti and Naksh as Naira thinks that they love each other.

Now, Naira is very much aware that dadi is the biggest hindrance which Naira have to face in the way to secure her goal.Naira this time have to take each and ever step very reasonably as this time even one mistake would spoil Naira’s planning.Naira thinks that dadi would not refuse to anthing which Kartik demands.

Keeping this in mind Naira starts her drama of uniting Keerti and Naksh in a ver tactful manner.

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