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TV folks talk about Akshay Tritiya and their buying plans!

Adaa Khan – Akshaya Tritiya is considered as a very auspicious day and I have been buying a small piece of jewelry either silver or golden like a small coin as a matter of good luck and people say it’s lucky if you buy good on this day. So I would also probably do that and every year I buy a small piece of either jewelry or coin or anything just a matter of good luck on that day. I definitely consider it as an auspicious day because when my mom was alive we always used to go and buy something. It’s not just matter of Hindu or Muslim, but being an Indian you do believe in this day and believe in every auspicious day. The positivity matters

Shashank Vyas: I live alone in Mumbai with my father. I try to follow the festivals and special days in the city which accepted me with open arms. I always buy gold as it symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Gold coins are easy and have resale value as well. Over the years I have seen friends buying car too on this day but I bought mine few months back only.

Ridheema Tiwari: Akshay Trithiya is considered an auspicious day. Being brought up in Mumbai I always buy a gold pooja ki thali every year and also donate grains to the poor. I like to do shopping also this days like booking a freeze or an automobile/car as variety of offers are also there. Over the years I have seen my mom also buying silver or gold coins so I will buy one gold coin too as a symbol of prosperity. These rituals make me feel positive.

Ssudeep Sahir: Akshay Tritiya is an auspicious day believed to bring good look and fortune.. For me however this day marks even more special as 11 years back Anantica and I got married on Akshay Tritiya.. This day is not only auspicious but life changing for me as it marks our marriage anniversary according to the Hindu calendar..Every years on this day we buy some gold, quantity doesn’t matter but just a little for good luck.

Rishina Kandhari – I buy gold coins on Akshaya Tritiya every year that’s my rituals since childhood because my parents used to do that. I think when you are investing into something, Akshaya Tritiya is the day very auspicious and also usually it is said that yu should buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya so I buy. Instead of buying gold jewelry, I buy gold coins which are like an investment for me. So I make sure that I save money to buy a good big gold biscuit on Akshaya Tritiya. I am not superstitious but I think to invest in something once a year is not a bad idea and I have seen my parents doing this since my childhood. So I think this is how I have been grown up and I usually end up buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya every year.

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