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Spoiler Alert: Beyhadh, Shakti And Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Beyhadh:  Arjun and Maya have become one with Maya implementing her crazy ideas upon Arjun.Vandana now have started to understand Maya and her nature and have thought to act in the same manner.

Vandana thinks that she should now start acting sweet like honey with Maya to get clues in Ayaan’s case.Maya finds it skeptical that vandana is acting in a very sweet manner with Arjun and Maya.

Shakti: As we all know that Preeto is the only person who is responsible for Adi’s returning back to orphanage.

Now, staying with Adi for sometime Soumya and Harman have got used to Adi’s being around.Soumya and Harman had already believed that Adi is their own son and not an adopted one.

Preeto eyes that Harman and Soumya now are helpless and this makes Preeto place a condition amid Harman.Preeto asks Harman that if Harman would bring back Surbhi home and accept her as his wife than Preeto can give Adi to Soumya back.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:  The separation storm have yet entered again in Kartik and Naira’s life.

This storm is very much for time being sake as Swarna and Manish along with Kartik have made up their mind to bring back Naira.Naira on other hand have also made up her mind that she would never forgive Kartik as Kartik had hidden the fact from Naira.Kartik turns out to be a romeo so that Kartik can make Naira a little jolly as Naira was very much sad post hearing Akshara’s accident news.

Dadi however does not like Kartik showing off his love to Naira as dadi hates Naira.

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