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Spoiler Alert: Beyhadh, Shakti And Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan


Beyhadh: Maya and Samay’s reationship have got caught red handed by Arjun and this gets to be the shocker for Arjun’s lifetime.Maya have been very much secretive when the matter came to revealing Maya’s ex-life and the love life.

Arjun gets to know this as Arjun eyes Samay and Maya in a restaurant thus meeting and sharing a good time together.Arjun cannot just control his self in the act and starts thrashing upon Samay.

Saanjh also takes upon Arjun’s side as Saanjh gets to know about Samay and Maya’s hidden plan to defeat Saanjh.

Shakti:  Harman and Preeto have been fighting continuously upon the baby and Harman even knows that Preeto is of the opinion to make Kareena kidnap the baby.Harman and Soumya think that the best way to decrease all the types of quarrels in the house is to make Preeto start loving the child.

Soumya gives this good suggestion to Harman to make Preeto get attracted in love towards the child.Harman and Soumya keep the child on bed and the baby starts crying and Harman and Soumya hide.

With the baby’s cry Preeto comes running towards Harman’s room and takes the child in her hands.

Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan: Sandhya cannot just digest the fact that Naina is on the verge of making Karan well with her determination.Naina makes it a point to make Karan prepared in all the circumstances to win the challenge.

Sandhya knows Karan’s weakness and this makes Naina very much scared.

Naina knows that Sandhya has a very big hand behind making Karan the way he is allergic to the medicines and other food stuffs.

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