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Spoiler Alert: Beyhadh, Jaat Ki Jugni And Dil Bole Oberoi

Beyhadh: Maya creates some drama which shows that she is victim and not culprit which makes everyone shocked.Maya just wants to keep Arjun away from his family so she cared all this drama and Arjun stuck on Maya’s mayajaal.

Furthermore, Arjun’s mother get furious on May attempts to stab her bur Arjun snatched knife from her.Arjun scolds Vandna for trying to kill Maya from knife which makes Vandna hurt.

Vandna gets faint and Arjun rushes to Vandna leaving Maya which creates insecurities for Maya.

Jaat Ki Jugni: Bittu comes in support of Jyoti as she loves his friend but her family is against this and wants to kill them.Bittu thus turns Jyoti’s savior from her father and Chaudhary brothers, Bittu fights against goons for Jyoti.

Bittu tells Bauji that he loves Jyoti to save her, Bauji takes advantage of this situation and fixes Bittu and Jyoti’s marriage.Bauji just wants to keep Bittu away from Munni and win Munni’s trust over him, Munni is astonished seeing that Bittu loves Jyoti.

Bauji pretends to be good infront of Munni and safeguards​ Jyoti while Bittu understands all.

Dil Bole Oberoi: Gauri leaves Omkara house thinking that she will go away from her past but she unaware about her bitter past is running behind her.Kali Thakur returns in her life taking revenge from her and Gauri’s bad luck bring her in front of Kali Thakur.

Gauri gets scared seeing Kali Thakur alive and recalls all the torture that he gave to her.Gauri runs from the before Kali Thakur would catch her but Kali Thakur catch her.

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