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Spoiler Alert: Shakti, Beyhadh And Pardesh Mein Hai Mera Dil


Shakti: Preeto termed Soumya and Harman’s child as illegitimate amid Soumya and Harman.

This was not expected from Preeto’s mouth bu atleast Harman and Soumya for the smal child.

Harman thinks that Preeto have started with her evil practices and words towards the baby.Harman thinks that it would be better for Harman and Soumya to quite Preeto’s house as Harman and Soumya’s child would never be accepted with open arms by Preeto.

Beyhadh: Maya strips off her clothes amid the court just to show off Maya’s skin which bears the marks of rape.Now, Saanjh gets amid turmoil stating as to how could have Maya managed to make the marks on herself.


Arjun thoroughly supports Maya and her innocence stating that this is the biggest proof that a rape victim can ever give to court.

Maya’s this unexceptional attachment of the emotional touch in the court have made Maya the winner already.

Pardesh Mein Hai Mera Dil: Naina gets to know about Harjeet’s missing past history which has a very bad impact upon Reyhaan’s life.

Naina wants to know the exact reason behind Harjeet behaving in an evil manner with Reyhaan and Naina.Naina knows that Harjeet behind her face is definitely hiding something realy big.Naina’s investigation is being interrupted by Harjeet’s goons who are being sent by Harjeet.

Since Raghav is not around Naina cannot be saved by anyone and so Harjeet takes advantage of the situation.

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