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#SpoilerAlert: Jaat Ki Jugni And It’s Upcoming Twist

Jaat Ki Jugni: Jaat Ki Jugni makes the relationship of Munni and Bitto a bit messy right from the start.

Munni is a sole sister of three brothers and this makes Munni very special for the Chaudhary brothers.

Now, Bitto is none other than the only son of his mother and again Bitto have been raised with full love and care.

Bitto and Munni have never compromised right from childhood which have made them very stubborn.
Munni and Bitto have challenged each other that Munni’s brothers will break off Bitto’s bones and rescue Munni.

On the other hand Bitto have Challenged Munni that Bitto would teach a good lesson to Chaudhary brothers.

It would be interesting to watch as to who would win in this situation?

Stay tuned for further details and developments in storyline.

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