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#SpoilerAlert: Jaana Na Dil Se Door And It’s Upcoming Twist

Janna Na Dil Se Door: The upcoming episode of Star Plus prime time show Jaana Na Dil Se Door will show high voltage drama.

Atharva and Vividha manages to return from their honeymoon after tiger attack, Vividha teases Atharva to chose such resort.

While Vividha gets astonished finding the new girl in house, Ravish seems much concerned for the girl.

Vividha is also worried seeing a strange girl in house, and specially knowing that goons are after this girl to trap her.

Ravish isn’t ready to listen to anyone and wants to safeguard the girl from any danger, Vividha seems a little doubtful.

Vividha wants to unfold the real mystery behind the ran away bride and Ravish’s concern for her.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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