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Spoiler Alert: Jaat Ki Jugni, Beyhadh And Udaan

Jaat Ki Jugni: Bitto is just taking a revenge from Munni’s brothers by using Munni as a medium.Bitto gets very unhappy with the way Bitto’s friend us being beaten up by Munni’s brother.

Bitto starts to hurt off Munni’s sentiments so that the Chaudhary brothers get to learn some respect towards others.

Bitto is very good at heart and just wants to scare Chaudhary’s out and that’s why pushes away Munni’s dupatta out from the car so that Munni’s brothers have a wrong impression.
Udaan: Suraj gets annoyed with the way Vivaan is behaving off with Chakor.Chakor is all tied up like a labourer and Vivaan is aiming a pistol on Chakor’s head just to blast off Chakor’s head in anger.

Chakor is not able to figure out as to what has made Vivaan hate Chakor and Suraj so much.Vivaan is being frustrated by his life as Vivaan firstly loved Chakor but was made to marry Imli.

As Vivaan’s life was going on all well with Imli there came upon a new twist with Imli betraying Vivaan for going in Kamal Narayan’s team.

Beyhadh: Maya makes Arjun go crazy and this results into a very bad relationship turmoil amid Maya and Arjun.Maya and Arjun have been facing lots of problems just for the sake of Arjun hiding out things from Maya.

Maya knows that Arjun is in talking terms with Vandana and also Ayaan along with Saanjh.Maya gets furious that even post telling Arjun not to maintain a relationship with his family Arjun is doing the same.

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