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Spoiler Alert: Shakti, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein And Janna Na Dil Se Door,


Janna Na Dil Se Door: Sujata kills Suman saving Atharva from Suman’s killer trap, Sujata gets arrested in the charges of murder but Ravish turns savior.Ravish gives statement in favor of Sujata this saving her, Ravish is sad over what all Suman did with Atharva and Vividha.Atharva now returns in Vividha’s life all over again, Vividha is now in dual trouble to choose amid Atharva and Ravish.

Ravish could easily understand that Vividha is now in double trouble as she has to make choice amid Atharva and Ravish.

Ravish don’t want to see Vividha in such dilemma and thus decides to leave Atharva and Vividha’s life for their happiness.

Shakti: Raavi’s husband comes to live at Singh house as ghar jamai, Preeto and Harak are shocked seeing this but couldn’t do anything.Balvinder’s family throws him out of house as he had made relationships with Raavi again.

While it was all done by Soumya as she tries to unite Raavi and Balvinder or their kid thus getting Raavi pregnant.Preeto and Harak are now left with no option but to accept Balvinder in house, Preeto accuses Soumya for all.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita’s life is never without trouble as currently Adi and Ruhi’s business trouble is going on as Ruhi and Adi are against each other.Misunderstandings have ruined Adi and Ruhi’s relationship, Ishita tries to sort Adi and Ruhi’s differences.

While this isn’t the end of trouble for Ishita and Raman as another trouble will hot their way as Adi and Aliya’s relationship will get into trouble.

The most probable reason for Adi and Aliya’s relationship trouble will be Nidhi who is using Mani as puppet and will create trouble for Ishita and Raman.

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