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#SpoilerAlert: Zindagi Ki Mehek And It’s Upcoming Twist

Zindagi Ki Mehek: The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular show Zindagi Ki Mehek will show high voltage drama.


Kanta is now adamant to stop Shaurya from meeting Mehek, Kanta believes that Shaurya is the biggest trouble of Mehek’s life.

Kanta thus gets police notice for Shaurya keeping 50 metres away from their food truck.

Shaurya uses loud speaker help to talk to Mehek while Kanta thus takes away Mehek to Sharma house keeping away from Shaurya.

Shaurya thus is stuck and uses the same plan which Mehek had taken to get in his life.

Shaurya also claims that Mehek is his half wife as they have exchanged the garland’s and thus claims his right.

Shaurya is walking on Mehek’s foot steps to get back Mehek and her love.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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