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Spoiler Alert: Beyhadh, Udaan And Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan

Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan: Meghna is very much aware that Sandhya is playing some or the other game with Naina and Karan’s life.Meghna gets to know that Sandhya have been exchanging expired medicines with the new ones.Meghna instantly understands Sandhya’s evilness and thinks to teach Sandhya a good lesson.
Sandhya thinks that Meghna and Naina have been showing a lot of curiosity in Sandhya’s plans.Sandhya chalks down a plan and at the same time also Meghna makes a plan with the help of Naina.

Udaan: Chakor is very much into love with Suraj but yet neither Chakor and nor Suraj have confined their love to each other.Suraj is of the opinion that Chakor should say that she loves Suraj very much.Chakor on other hand wants Suraj to kneel down amid Chakor and give his love confrontation.

Suraj wants Chakor to get jealous of Suraj flirting with other girls and wants Chakor to propose Suraj.Chakor is very much annoyed with Suraj’s flirty avatar and starts getting angry on Suraj.

Beyhadh: Maya have now all of a sudden started showing her mad avatar to the media for Arjun’s love.Maya beats Arjun and also self just to possess Arjun’s love and cannot eye any girl besides Arjun.

Maya has in a way house arrested Arjun who has lost all control over his life and has become Maya’s puppet.Maya has now started to also keep an eye on Saanjh as Saanjh have come to ask about Arjun’s health.

Saanjh gets near Arjun and also enquires about Maya and Arjun’s rusty relationship.

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