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Spoiler Alert: Zindagi Ki Mehek, Beyhadh And Shakti

Shakti: Harman and Soumya’s life was going smooth before Surbhi gets kidnapped and returned in villainous avatar against them.Preeto brain washes Surbhi to such an extent that Surbhi gets against her own sister Soumya whom she has supported always.Surbhi claims her right over Harman to Soumya saying that she wants what belongs to her being second wife to Harman.

Soumya don’t want to spoil Surbhi’s happiness and thus herself sides away from Surbhi and Harman’s path and goes away.Harman gets furious knowing this and accuses Surbhi for all, Harman didn’t stop here but vows that he will never give wife rights to Surbhi.

Beyhadh: Saanjh has returned to her city and family, not only this Saanjh has moved on in her life.Saanjh has moved on in life from Arjun’s love and now Saanjh has new man in her life that is Samay.Saanjh, Ayaan, Samay comes to enjoy Saanjh birthday party and we’re having fun when Arjun also arrives there.

Arjun and Samay had already met each other on road when Samay had punctured Arjun’s car when he was driving harshly.Arjun is already with Samay and gets all the more irked seeing Saanjh with Samay and enters into fight with him.Saanjh stands against Arjun supporting Samay, Arjun is shocked seeing this.

Zindagi Ki Mehek: Mehek gets stabbed saving Shaurya from Ajay’s killer attempt, Shaurya was fighting with Ajay to save Mehek.Ajay thus tries to stand Shaurya with glass piece but Mehek comes in-between saving her love of life Shaurya.Ajay runaway seeing this while Shaurya is shocked seeing Mehek in such pool of blood and unconscious state.

Shaurya rushes Mehek to hospital and informs family, where Kanta accuses Shaurya for everything.Kanta asks Shaurya to leave Mehek’s life as her life is full of troubles just because of him.

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