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#SpoilerAlert: Ishqbaaz And It’s Upcoming Twist


Ishqbaaz: The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is going to unveil major drama in Oberoi mansion.

Fake Shivaay who stay back at home for his filthy reason to hide real jewelry which he had stolen from Pinky’s locker.

Shivaay was trying to hide them somewhere else when Saumya catches Shivaay red handed, Shivaay gets shocked seeing her.

Saumya is also shocked seeing Shivaay with jewelry and his changed attitude, Shivaay tries to make lame excuses.Saumya easily senses something fishy and decides to tell all truth to Anika, while Fake Shivaay is super stressed over his truth revealition.

Shivaay thus shuts Saumya’s mind and is the prime reason behind her kidnapping, Anika also notices that Saumya is missing.

Shivaay tries to misguide Anika that Saumya had gone for some work and bid him goodbye.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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