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Mehek to get stabbed In Zee TV’ Zindagi Ki Mehek


Zindagi Ki Mehek: High voltage drama is going to unfold in ZEE TV’s Zindagi Ki Mehek in which Shaurya (Karan Vohra) and Mehek’s (Sameeksha Jaiswal) life get in danger because of Ajay and Rohit.

As per the track, Shaurya wants Mahek cancel her marriage with Sandeep but Mehek asks him not to interfere in her life as he has lost that right.

Shaurya is not ready to let Mehek go because he has found the meaning of love.

Furthermore, Ajay and Rohit want to take revenge from Mehek so they try to molest her but Shaurya fights with them.

Ajay is angry seeing Shaurya and break bottle to stab him but Mehek comes between them.Mehek gets stabbed by Ajay in process of saving Shaurya while Shaurya is completely shocked seeing Mehek is pool of blood.

Ajay and Rohit are also shocked and run away from there while Shaurya struggles to bring Mehek back in sense.

What will happen about Shaurya and Mehek’s love story after this incident?

Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

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