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#SpoilerAlert: Ishqbaaz And It’s Upcoming Twist


Ishqbaaz: The upcoming episode of the most successful love drama Ishqbaaz on Star Plus will witness Shivaye’s attempts to escape from Kamini’s clutches.

Shivaye gets knidnapped by a lady and then fake Shivaye enters Oberoi mansion with evil intentions.

The lady who kidnapped Shivaye is none other than Kamini, yes you heard it right it’s Kamini who has kidnapped Shivaye.

Now Shivaye try to escape from her clutches, he try to seek maid’s help for escaping.Maid helps him by giving him phone, he calls on landline but landline goes busy and he is unable to contact Oberoi family.

Hence his attempt to inform Oberoi family turn futile later when Kamini comes to know about maid’s help to Shivaye then she throws her out of the job.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

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