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Spoiler Alert: Shakti, Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan And Beyhadh


Shakti: Soumya and Raavi were missing from home, Harman is tensed finding this and worries for Soumya as he very well knows that trouble is always over Soumya.Harman don’t want Soumya to land in any kind of trouble but trouble has especial connection with Soumya.Soumya and Raavi returns home with police, Raavi has filed fake police complaint against Balvinder’s family.

Raavi soon unveils that she is pregnant with Balvinder’s child, and his family isn’t ready for this marriage thus she files fake complaint.Preeto bursts knowing that Raavi is pregnant and soon finds that it’s Soumya who let Balvinder and Raavi be alone leading to such huge trouble.

Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan: Naina wants Karan to play holi, Naina is also upset seeing that Karan isn’t ready to play holi thus uses Meghna’s help.Dadaji thus forces Karan to enjoy his first holi after marriage, Karan applies her love color to Naina while Naina is happy.Naina’s this happiness doesn’t stay for long as Karan develops allergy, Naina gets tensed seeing Karan’s such painful state.

Karan’s sister also bursts at Naina for ruining Karan’s happiness by entering his life, Naina is confused over what happened.Naina has especially brought organic colors to play holi just for Karan so that no allergy could develop.While it’s Sandhya’s master mind which plays game, Sandhya can’t see Naina and Karan happy like this and thus spikes color spoiling their happiness.

Beyhadh: Arjun and Maya’s story takes interesting twist where their story will take three years long leap.Yes the show is all set to take major leap of three years, Arjun and Maya’s this story will also have twist where their love will turn hatred.Arjun and Maya who had married each other over their love but are now totally against each other.

Maya is trying to control Arjun’s life which Arjun isn’t really comfortable with and thus starts to develop hatred relationship.Arjun regrets his decision of marrying Maya leaving his family, mother and brother Ayaan and is deeply in alcoholism.

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