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Spoiler Alert: Zindagi Ki Mehek, Dil Se Dil Tak And Shakti

Dil Se Dil Tak: Dadaji when get to know about the surrogacy plan of Shorvori and Parth could not understand the concept.Dadaji wanted a leagal heir to the Bhanushali family but not in this manner.If Parth and Shorvori are not able to conceive than there is no option left with Parth rather than to do a surrogacy but now there came another problem in shape of dadaji’s denial orders.

Parth feels that everything could have been managed if Dadaji would not have been involved by Shorvori and Teeni.No one would have got to know that Parth and Shorvori have taken this route to get a child.

Shakti: Surbhi is upset finding about Harman and Soumya did not come to save her from Kareena’s clutches.Surbhi also behave rudely with Soumya which makes Harman and Soumya surprised.Furthermore, Preeto plays a master plan in which they call villagers to home occasion of Holi.Preeto distributes gift to villagers and they question about Surbhi’s presence in the house.

Somuya tells them that she cannot become pregnant so she made her husband Harman to marry with her sister Surbhi.Somya also makes Harman put mangalsutra in Surbhi’s neck and Harman did it unwillingly just for Soumya.Surbhi is confused seeing Somuya’s decision and decides talk to her.Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

Zindagi Ki Mehek: Mehek has now to Shaurya’s surprise opened up an altgather new concept of food truck.This Mehek is planning to park it just outside Shaurya’s restaurant White Chillies.To Shaurya’s surprise Mehek have been also planning to offer special discounts to the customers.

Mehek has all the legal permissions to stay at the place where Mehek have parked her food truck.Thus the option of throwing out Mehek’s truck in an illegal battle have also gone out for Shaurya.

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