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Spoiler Alert: Beyhadh, Shakti And Zindagi Ki Mehek

Shakti: Harman and Soumya have been under the impression that Kareena named danger have been vanished from their life once and for all.But Soumya does not know that Kareena is making a full fledged plan to kidnap Soumya.Kareena have already killed Saya aka Mallika and is now in full preparation to target Soumya’s two bodyguards Surbhi and Harman.

First Kareena had made a plan of kidnapping Soumya directly, but by mistake the kinnars pick out Surbhi thinking of Soumya.When Kareena removes the veil from Surbhi’s face Kareena gets shocked eyeing Surbhi.

Beyhadh: Maya and Arjun have shifted to their new house post having a terrible fight with Vandana.Now, Maya can have Arjun all for herself without any disturbance.Maya and Arjun seem to be very hapy while staying on at their new house as romance have filled the air.

As the atmosphere is romantic Arjun asks Maya to dance with Arjun leaving all the household chores.This dance definitely would prove to Maya that Arjun is there only for Maya.

Zindagi Ki Mehek: Shaurya is shattered realizing Mehek’s most precious thing that is her love is lost by him and now Mehek has decided she would never return to Shaurya or never enter his house again.

Shaurya excitedly plays holi at home which surprise Karuna as she never expected Shaurya to be this happy, he is not the kind of man to play holi in full excitement as he is too conscious of himself.Mehek’s best friend Sonal can’t bear to see that it is because of her marriage, Mehek’s relation broke off.Sonal thus makes Mehek get drunk and then being under the influence of bhang she romances with hubby Shaurya.

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