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Spoiler Alert: Beyhadh, Shakti And Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Shakti: Surbhi is very much annoyed with Harman’s craziness and love going on increasing towards Soumya.On one hand Preeto is pissed off with Harman’s growing intensity towards Soumya.Harman seems to get so much possessive for Soumya that Harman have crossed all limits.

Harman takes Soumya’s side no matter what so ever happened with Preeto’s anger.Eyeing at Harman’s growing bullying nature towards Preeto, Surbhi tries to counsel Harman.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira and Kartik have finally became husband and wife post the grand wedding that is going to get concluded in the upcoming episode.Now, Kartik and Naira get one more surprise element which was planned by the family.Post the wedding Kartik and Naira’s family start dancing again in circles thus covering the bride and bridegroom with celebration and joy.

As the family are celebrating a great joyful moment even Kartik and Naira join in the act.Kartik and Naira’s wedding was thus completed without a much ado.

Beyhadh: Maya and Arjun have been noticing quite a lot of difference in Saanjh’s behavior off lately.Now the scene is that Vandana asks Saanjh to help Vandana in proving Maya a murderer of Ashwin.Saanjh is not sure whether Maya has murdered Ashwin or is it someone else.

Vandana has now trigerred off Maya’s anger by bullying and taking Saanjh in Vandana’s team.Maya has now also started to grow enmity against Saanjh as Saanjh has taken steps against Maya and Arjun’s separation.

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