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Spoiler Alert: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein , Beyhadh And Udaan


Udaan: Sooraj is struggling to get job while accidentally saves someone and gets job of baby sitting to handle kids.Sooraj is happy to get the job after all the struggle he made, while it will not gonna be so easy for Sooraj to handle kids.Kids creates havoc for Sooraj and runs here and there, Sooraj gets mad over the mess of handling the kids.

Chakor thus hiddenly comes to save Sooraj and tries to handle the kids, Sooraj is happy seeing Chakor there.While the kids turns cupid for Sooraj and Chakor, Chakor and Sooraj shares romantic eyelock moments amid kids naughtiness.

Beyhadh:Vandana is totally against Maya, Maya makes attempts to impress Vandana but of no use as Vandana is well aware of Maya’s evilness.

Vandana just want ro safeguard her son Arjun from Maya’s clutches and is also ready to throw Maya out of Arjun’s life.Maya was doing everything to make Arjun hate his mother Vandana, Maya has also smartly manipulated Vandana such that she creates hatred for herself.

Arjun this decides to leave house for Maya, Vandana is shocked hearing this Maya’s gets successful in her mission.Vandana will now seek Saanjh’s help to get back Arjun as she very well know that Maya will ruin Arjun’s life.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Param returns in Simmi’s life while Bhalla family stands against it after what all Param had did with Simmi in past.

Simmi is also not ready to forgive Param, Simmi has just begun to give new chance to her and Gaurav’s relationship.While Param’s entry creates much uncomfortableness, Param although warns Ishita to save Simmi from Gaurav’s evil intentions.

Ishita initially ignores Param’s warning but this rethinks about it as she gets doubt over Param’s warning against Gaurav.Ishita don’t want to take any chance with Simmi’s life now as Ananya’s life is also associated with Simmi.

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