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Spoiler Alert: Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki, Shakti And Mere Angne Mein

Mere Angne Mein: In Mere Angne Mein on Star Plus where Riya (Ekta Kaul) is going to die in the serial leaving Shivam (Karam Rajpal) alone.Riya is going to die post giving birth to a small Riya who would now rule the Shanti Sadan.Shivam would be left alone with a small baby girl who would be named Riya with having the same face as that of Riya.Shanti and Shivam would now leave all their grievances aside and start raising the little Riya.

The fact behind Riya leaving the show is that Riya is soon going to get married.So, Riya wanted to spend sometime with her mother and that’s why Riya told a goodbye to the show after one and half years of shooting.Riya’s death would mark a new start for the shows TRP as Riya is leaving behind her daughter.

Shakti: Harman and Soumya are sitting in lawn outside the hotel and suddenly Harman starts rain shower from top.It seems that Harma had arranged a huge shower on top of Soumya to make her wet in rain and fulfill her wish.

Further more Harman also started the shower in bathroom where Soumya wanted to open the shower of bathroom.Harman took chance of Soumya’s not understanding how to open the shower and made Soumya all wet.

Kasam…Tere Pyaar Ki: Rishi and Tanuja could not even think that Purab’s reality of being Raj’s son would come amid Rishi in such a way.Purab has returned in Rishi and Tanuja’s life with the main aim of spoiling Rishi’s life.Purab is very angry with Raj for being partial towards Rishi and granting him the entire business and leaving Purab on fate.

Purab’s reality gets revealed amid Rishi and Tanuja and there is a blast out amid Rishi’s heart.At first Rishi and Tanuja are not able to believe upon their ears, but the equation amid Raj and Purab makes Rishi helpless to accept the fact.

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