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#SpoilerAlert: Dil Bole Oberoi And It’s Upcoming Twist

Dil Bole Oberoi: The upcoming episode of Star Plus spin off show Dil Bole Oberoi will show high voltage drama.

Gauri will make an entry in Oberoi mansion although in disguised state as Swetlana’s helper Prajwal.Prajwal has entered to help Swetlana but soon finds about her evilness and marriage with Omkara which irks her more.

Anika feels an eternal connection with Gauri aka Prajwal recalls her talk when Anika talked to Gauri once.

Anika and Gauri has special bond amid them and shares sisterly connection but are still unaware about the truth.We have already told our readers that Gauri and Anika are sisters and will soon find this truth where both will search for their real family.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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