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Spoiler Alert: Zindagi Ki Mehak, Beyhadh And Swabhimaan

Swabhimaan: Meghna and Kunal are happy, Kunal gifts a car to Meghna for her first day at office and both thus shares some close moments.Meghna soon realizes reality as she reaches office where she has been given position of vice president but has no work to do.Meghna soon realizes that Nand Kishore don’t want her to get into business and has just made her a dummy vice president.

Meghna is irked and decides not to get defeated like this, Meghna thus uses Kunal finding Chauhan’s all business secrets.Meghna now very smartly plays her game against Chauhan family and business.

Beyhadh: Jhanvi is scared as she can see Ashwin’s ghost, Maya even attempts to commit suicide.While Arjun and Maya reaches on time saving Jhanvi’s life while still Jhanvi is scared of Ashwin.Jhanvi asks Maya to leave the house and go away as Ashwin has returned to take revenge from them.

Maya tries to console Jhanvi but of no use, Jhanvi is is hyper state and isn’t ready to listen to anything.Maya and Arjun thus consoles Jhanvi and makes her sleep, Maya is too concerned for her mother Jhanvi and Arjun turns her support.

Zindagi Ki Mehak: Mehek and Shaurya’s life is going through major turmoil where Shaurya’s restaurant gets bad reviews from the food critics.Shaurya is tensed as it may affect his restaurants reputation and sees that his dream is getting shattered.

Mehek offers to help Shaurya with recipes as it’s his mother’s recipe but Shaurya refuses to take Mehek’s help over his ego.Mehek is also tensed for Sonal over what Sheetal is doing with her by getting her married to an evil man Rohit.Mehek thus offers a deal to Shaurya thus seeking his help for saving Sonal and in return helping Shaurya with restaurants recipes.

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