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Spoiler Alert: Zindagi Ki Mehak, Beyhadh And Udaan

Udaan: Sooraj and Vivaan had a fierce dangal fight amid them in which Vivaan defeats Sooraj for money.Sooraj’s cloths were at stake as Sooraj was living a dreadful life in the bandhua trap and desperately needs cloths.While Vivaan who has now turned an evil and negative character isn’t sympathetic towards Sooraj.

Vivaan defeats Sooraj who is upset but Chakor knows how to refresh Sooraj and make his mood lighter.Chakor this brings water pipe and splashes water at Sooraj, Chakor and Sooraj thus shares some romantic moments with each other.

Beyhadh: Jhanvi, Maya and Arjun all three has strong motive to kill Ashwin but the mystery remains intact.Maya’s mother Jhanvi is shattered as she used to love Ashwin and is also has some mental condition.

Jhanvi thus turns psycho creating trouble for Maya, Jhanvi wants to scare Maya of Ashwin’s ghost return.Jhanvi thus plays bitter psycho game with Maya taking Ashwin’s death revenge from Maya assuming her as killer.

Zindagi Ki Mehak: Shaurya’s investors has invited Shaurya and Mehek to the Valentine’s day party where Mehek plans to create huge scene.Mehek pretends to drink alcohol while she was actually drinking apple juice, Mehek wants to threaten Shaurya.Mehek tells Shaurya that she will gonna create high voltage drama and scene in party to do tit for tat for Shaurya.

Mehek threatens Shaurya that she will create scene getting him insulted before all as he has insulted her Sharma family.Shaurya is scared and threatened over Mehek’s intentions, Shaurya and Mehek thus shares tashan moments.

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