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Spoiler Alert: Thapki..Pyaar Ki, Udaan And Shakti

Thapki..Pyaar Ki: Shraddha asks Veer to make a phone call to her mother in the presence of the entire family. In the meantime, Aditi’s death has greatly affected Dhruv.Shraddha makes a nuisance of herself and blames Tina for hurting her sister in an attempt to send her to a boarding school.

Udaan: Sooraj tells Chakor that he will punish the villagers for their actions. Later, Chakor decides to prove to Sooraj that love always wins over hatred.While Chakor distracts Sikhu, Pakhi secretly gives food to Sooraj.

Meanwhile, Ragini offers money to Vivaan to settle the matter out of court.

Shakti: When Harman notices his friend flirting with Surbhi, he slaps him and gives a justification to cover the situation. Meanwhile, Preeto tells Saumya to go to the eunuch community.

Harman, Soumya and Surbhi decides to play caremboard together as Soumya knows that Harman and Surbhi loves playing carem.Soumya herself makes excuse and goes away from their and wants Harman and Surbhi to come closer.

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