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Spoiler Alert: Zindagi Ki Mehak, Dil Se Dil Tak And Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Aditya always had his evil eye over Naira, tries to get closer to Naira in one or the other ways.

Naira also feels awkward but doesn’t say much as it’s new relationship for her, Goenka’s will get upset with it.While Aditya has now crossed all limits and makes Naira’s MMS while she was changing cloths during pre-bridal Photoshoot.Naira had doubted someone’s presence but Aditya escapes easily, Aditya now plans to use this getting Naira.

Aditya blackmails Naira using her pictures, Aditya threatens Naira that if these pictures gets leaked then Dadi will definitely break her relation with Kartik.

Dil Se Dil Tak: While Parth catches Taani red handed and threatens her, Taani says that she will go to police station but her grand father will also suffer post knowing truth.

Parth thus leaves Taani and let her go away, while Shorovi thinks of surrogacy seeing Krishna Leela going on.Parth and Shorovi thus decides to talk to Taani about surrogacy deal in order to get their baby, Parth decides to go to talk to Taani.

Taani is shocked hearing about surrogacy and refuses to do it, breaking Parth and Shorovi’s all hopes.

Zindagi Ki Mehak: Vaitlana exposes how Mehek bribes the servants and instigates Shaurya against Mehek, Shaurya thus throws Mehek out of Khanna house.

Mehek isn’t ready to accept her defeat so easily and happily thus opens war against Shaurya Khanna.Mehek uses women power and protests against Shaurya Khanna infront of his office, Shaurya is irked seeing this.

Shaurya’s mother Karuna also stands with Mehek against son Shaurya which irks Shaurya all the more.

Mehek’s this protects turns heavy for Shaurya as he has to sign legal papers that mentions that Shaurya will respect Mehek.

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