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Spoiler Alert: Zindagi Ki Mehak, Pardesh Mein Hai Mera Dil And Beyhadh

Beyhadh: Vandana has asked Arjun to break alliance with Maya, which she is doing as Ashwin has instigated Vandana against Maya.Arjun is thus angry at Ashwin for instigating his mother against Maya, Maya is also upset as Ashwin has snatched away her love Arjun.Jhanvi has found Ashwin’s truth that he is using her against Jhanvi and is trying to ruin her daughter Maya’s life.

Jhanvi takes out her gun to kill Ashwin, while Arjun is aldo willing to kill Ashwin and Maya is also on the same verge.While now the major mystery will revolve that Arjun, Maya and Jhanvi all three has motive behind killing Ashwin.The mystery will engross more with police’s interference in Ashwin’s murder case and mystery drama.

Pardesh Mein Hai Mera Dil: Naina loves Raghav and is ready to take all pains for Raghav, Naina asks Ahana to keep her surrogacy deal hidden from Raghav.Ahana is stunned knowing that Naina is doing so big sacrifice for Raghav the person whom she is divorcing soon.

Ahana will now play her game as she herself will start to like Raghav as she will give job to Raghav in her company.Ahana will fall for Raghav and will try to create confusion amid Raghav and Naina, to snatch away Raghav.

Zindagi Ki Mehak: Shaurya who has started to get inclined towards Mehek because of her care and love thus bursts out in anger.Shaurya accuses Mehek for trapping him by her sweet sugary avatar and actually playing cheap games with him.Shaurya looses his temper over Mehek and throws her out of Khanna house, Shaurya asks Mehek to never return back.

Mehek isn’t ready to accept her defeat so easily and wants to accomplish her mission of teaching Shaurya a lesson and bringing him on right path.Mehek and Shaurya’s this open warn gets hyper when Mehek opens war against Shaurya and revolt against him.

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