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#SpoilerAlert: Ghulaam And It’s Upcoming Twist

The upcoming episode of Life OK’s newbie show Ghulam will show some high voltage drama.Behrampur has been ruled by Thakur, Gulguli and Veer and rules like dictators.

Gulguli takes all charges and rules over the others, making Shivani and Rashmi’s life hell.Gulguli has often been torturing Shivani for not accepting Veer as her husband and not beginning a new life.

Rangeela sees Gulguli angry at Shivani and attempts to punish her for misbehavior.Rangeela thus comes in-between using trick to divert Gulguli’s mind saving Shivani from Gulguli’s punishment.

Gulguli gets irked seeing Rangeela’s attempt to safeguard Shivani from her and also warns Rangeela to not cross his limits being just a servant or slave.

Let’s wait and watch what will Rangeela do more to save Shivani from all troubles.

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