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Spoiler Alert: Zindagi Ki Mehek, Pardesh Mein Hai Mera Dil And Udaan

Zindagi Ki Mehek: Shaurya’s mother Karuna also supports Mehek, which irks Shaurya all this more Sanjay is taking advantage of this situation.

Sanjay tries to win Mehek and Sharma family’s trust to use them against Shaurya Khanna and befools them.Sanjay is playing his dirty game over Sharma family thus taking advantage of Mehek and Shaurya’s differences and fights.

Shaurya shows his rage of anger over Mehek Sharma and burns her belongings to make it difficult for her.

Udaan: Sooraj being weak as he hadn’t eaten anything from weeks couldn’t come out of well himself, while Chakor can’t see Sooraj suffering like this.

Chakor also jumps into the well to safeguard her love Sooraj and both spends time together in the well.

Chakor and Sooraj also shares cute fight moments where Chakor asks Sooraj to cover himself as he is feeling cold.Sooraj shows his tashan and Chakor scolds Sooraj for showing tashan in such condition and makes him wear the shawl.

Pardesh Mein Hai Mera Dil: Aada Khan aka Aahana has finally entered the show and in Raghav-Naina’s life and will emotionally blackmails Naina.

Raghav is already facing trouble in his business because he had left Mehra house and trying to start his own business.Now Aahana has entered Naina’s life with the deal of surrogacy, Aahana wants to become a mother but has some medical complications.

Aahana thus gets emotional before Naina and seeks her help to become a surrogate mother for her baby.

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