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We have created a very strong line-up of content: Producer Yash Patnaik

Producer Yash Patnaik under his production house Beyond Dreams is producing variety of content. Here he speaks about his work and life!

Your two shows namely ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke’ and ‘Jana Na Dil Se Door’
are doing well. What do you think worked in its
> ‘Kuchh Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’ and ‘Jana Na Dilse Door’ both had a fresh premise and treatment. While ‘Kuchh Rang…’ is primarily a character driven show, ‘Jana Na…’ thrives more on the story and plots. What worked for ‘Kuchh Rang…’ were the characters of Dev, Ishwari and Sonakshi. They are as real as they get. The premise, situations and plotting of ‘Kuchh Rang…’ connected instantly with the audience. The setting, costume, lighting, camera work made the show standout. Even the original music helped. In case of ‘Jana na Dilse Door’ the premise, plot and story were refreshing. Also, performances by Shivani, Vikram, Shashank, Shilpa, Vineet, Smita and others are the hallmark of the show.
The casting of both the shows is talked about. What you have to say about that?
> ‘Jana Na Dilse Door’ was always a very challenging show. With such strong storyline, we wanted to build a formidable cast. It was a tough task to bring together a powerful cast like Vikram Singh Chauhan (Atharva), Shivani Surve (Vividha), Shashank Vyas (Ravish), Shilpa Tulaskar (Sujata), Vineet Kumar (Kailash), Smita Bansal (Suman), Surendra Pal (Dadaji) and Aradhana Uppal (Bua). Similarly, for ‘Kuchh Rang Pyar Ke’, we wanted to get actors who can live up to the characters of Dev, Ishwari and Sonakshi. Shaheer Shaikh, Supriya Pilgaonkar, and Erica Fernandes fit the roles like magic. Even the other castings, like Moon Bannerjee, Jagat Rawal, Vaibhav, Prerna, Mushtaq Khan, Alka Moga and rest were very thought through casting. These actors are natural and effortless.
What you think are the new emerging trends in TV Industry?
> I don’t know much about ‘trend’ because we have never followed one. If you see our history, we have always come up with new stories, new characters, and new treatments. Be it ‘Veera’, ‘Sadda Haq’, ‘Main Na Bhulungi’, ‘Million Dollar Girl’, ‘Jamunia’, ‘Junoon’ or ‘Rang Badalti Odhni’. A good story, with good characters and fresh treatment, always works. Having said that, I must say some producers and some content will always have luck on their side.

What is your vision for your company Beyond Dreams?
> Our name carries a great legacy and promise. We are working towards becoming the most preferred content company for broadcasters, audience, talents and OTT platforms. In the last one year, we have created a very strong line-up of content. We also have some exciting talent tied up with us to execute the content. We will also produce some of our digital series this year.

How do you unwind yourself?
> Family time is my biggest way to unwind. Going back home, chilling with Mamta and Aarav is what I look forward to every evening. At times, I dish out some delicacies and draw few sketches to unwind too.

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