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#SpoilerAlert: Ghulaam And It’s Upcoming Twist

Ghulaam: The upcoming episode of Life OK’s newbie show Ghulam is going to showcase major drama.

Maldawali had bern ruling over the Behrampur ladies with her attitude and family powers and makes everyone dance to her tunes.Maldawali is married to Veer’s elder brother, Maldawali makes his brother-in-law Manmeet dance to her tunes.

Maldawali gives drugs to him and thus uses him as puppet, Manmeet now attempts suicide by jumping in well.Rangeela jumps after him to save him, Maldawali has feelings towards Rangeela and can’t see him in danger.

Maldawali coming running and asks Veer to let her talk to Manmeet as only she can convince him to come out nor Rangeela’s life will also go in danger.

\Veer gets furious seeing Maldawali’s feelings towards Rangeela, let’s wait and watch what will Veer do now will his rage of anger bursts at Rangeela or Maldawali.

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