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Spoiler Alert: Swabhimaan, Ghulam And Zindagi Ki Mehek


Ghulam: Shivani takes Kinnar kajal’s help to escape from Behrampur, Shivani and Rashmi disguises as kinaar to runaway.

Shivani and Rashmi has managed it to some extent and runs away from Behrampur, but before Shivani could cross Behrampur’s border Veer catches them.Veer gets furious seeing Shivani’s attempt and courage to befool him, bursts out at Shiavni.Let’s wait and watch will Rangeela mamages to save Shivani from Veer’s anger.

Zindagi Ki Mehek: Mehek has entered Shaurya’s life uninformingly and decides to teach lesson to Shaurya for what all he has done.Shaurya is irked seeing that his mother Karuna also supports her, Karuna asks Mehek to perform her first rasoi rasam in khanna house.

Mehek happily does all rasam for Shaurya and showcase tashan to Shaurya which irks Shaurya all the more.Mehek thus prepares her first rasoi rasam and cooks food, Karuna asks Shaurya to feed food to Mehek.Shaurya starts to feed food and then throws all food cooked by Mehek and insults her for being a cheap delhi girl.

Swabhimaan: Shardha is shattered getting her both daughters married like this, Naina has sacrificed her happiness for sister Meghna.Chauhan family tries to create rift amid Meghna and Naina asks Meghna to behave as sister-in-law to Naina nad not as sister.

Meghna is stuck in dilemma over what all happened during marriage ceremony and couldn’t forget it.

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