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#SpoilerAlert: Ghulam And It’s Upcoming Twist


Ghulam: The upcoming episode of Life OK’s Ghulam will show case high voltage drama in the forthcoming episode.

Veer has married Shivani by using Rangeela as his slave, Shivani who loves Rangeela is shattered knowing this.Rangeela is also sad for Shivani because he also has soft corner for Shivani but can’t do anything before master Veer.

Rangeela is against all evilness and tortures over Shivani but doesn’t has guts to go against Veer.While Rangeela’s patience gets over seeing Veer throwing Shivani from heights which could hurt Shivani badly.Rangeela thus saves Shivani by going against Veer, Veer gets furious at Rangeela and slaps him.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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